We’re Going Green!

So with our all-new branding and website relaunch, we also decided it was time for a colour change and went for my favourite color green. Actually, that bold teal green that you get in peacock feathers. But we also decided that it was about time we went green for the planet too.


I got in touch with a very good friend of mine, Jennifer Newall who is an actual bonafide Climate Scientist. She’s a really cool person too. Check out her Instagram account for more on what she’s been up to while helping save the planet.


After a couple of sessions working with her,  we’ve taken several steps to make this small editing company better for the environment. I am so fortunate to live (same as Jennifer) in bonnie Scotland. And as I write this post, we have COP26 in Glasgow! The biggest global conversation about the environment ever to take place. Our team member was at the protest to record some audio for his brilliant project in Barlinnie Prison.


Being an author is a business. We tend to forget that sometimes, as creatives. But you are running a business and all businesses – no matter how small – need to do their part. Working together is what will save our beautiful planet. Very soon, we’ll be sharing a great blog post with tips from Jennifer on how to be more sustainable and help the environment, even as a small business owner and author. But until then, here are some tips that I’ve learned as a business owner from my own experiences.


  1. Ask your customers and followers what they like to see in a small business and work out what you can do realistically
  2. Accept that it just is going to take time, energy, and probably even cost you but our planet is worth it – and every little helps
  3. Do your research! Greenwashing is a thing. I was going to do several things that now I know better won’t be doing.
  4. Listen to the scientists who are speaking facts. In times like these (during COP26) emotions run high but talk won’t bring about change if it’s not followed by actions. Listen, learn, do!
  5. You don’t need to print off every single version of your manuscript. Consider how much and how often you need paper and ink and what can be done digitally.
  6. Plug into your ethernet – remember what that is? We use wi-fi so much these days but it’s now been shown it’s probably not that good for us. So plug in when you can.
  7. Switch off. Turning off electricity and devices is good for everyone and everything. Switch off, go for a walk and get some inspiration. We don’t need to be on our phones 24/7.
  8. Unsubscribe from unneeded emails and postal subscriptions. Billions of emails are sent but unread because we sign up for things and then just don’t want/need them. Do a regular clear-out.
  9. Buy sustainably – check labels before buying, consider if you actually need that thing, check if you can recyle or upcycle or buy second-hand first.
  10. Buy second-hand books more than new ones. I managed to get my hands on the most beautiful book I’ve ever owned recently. I’ll post a photo of it on Instagram soon.


You don’t need to do everything at once. But try to set aside some time – even if it’s just 15mins once a week for a month and see what small steps you can take to get started on your journey to making your business, books, and actions more eco-friendly.



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