Writing a great book is so much more than the right words in the right order. When beautifully written with depth and passion, a book becomes memorable and shares genuine value. I’ve worked with business owners who want to share their expertise, fictional authors on YA novels, people struggling with their mental health who use writing as therapy, and those who have words worth sharing.

With almost a decade of experience, I’ve edited over 7 million words. As a freelance book editor and author coach, I have helped many writers successfully take their first steps in their author journey as well as provided coaching for those who want to invest in their writing and marketing.

Even without the brand or author, I bet you know who I’m referring to when I say “Because you’re worth it”, “Just do it”, and “A rose by any other name…”. It all comes down to knowing your audience and marketing to them.

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Learn more about Kirsten Rees; published author, multi-award winner and nominee, and freelance book editor and author coach.


From proofreading to developmental editing, Kirsten is here to guide you through the next stages in becoming a published author.


Struggling with one particular part of your author journey or need some guidance on the steps to take after you’ve written your book?


Find articles with advice for new authors, writing great content, the business of becoming an author and small business tips!

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For me, working with an author is a partnership! I’ve worked on fiction and nonfiction across a variety of genres. All my clients have 5-star reviews and some have hit bestseller, been noted in ‘Top Books for…’ listings, and invited to speak at events.

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Do I need a Professional Freelance Editor?

Many think an editor’s job is just to check what you’ve written makes sense and reads okay. If there are free ‘editing’ apps out there, why pay? It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that sells books. Well-written books that are marketed well will climb the ranks and help grow your audience.

Editing checks every word is not just necessary but it’s the best word you can use. It elevates your writing to a higher standard and looks for any opportunities to develop your book concept. If you’ve gone off track or it’s not going to resonate with your reader. Perhaps there is a plot hole or a gap you’ve missed. As a writer myself, I understand we can be too close to our own writing so having another set of eyes can catch things you may have missed.

I believe in critique and kindness when sharing editing recommendations. So there won’t be any red pen on your manuscript!

Whether you’re in need of a freelance book editor in Glasgow or in the surrounding areas, or looking for a remote editor if we’re more global neighbours then get in touch. I work with clients face-to-face and via Skype, so no matter how far away we are, we can still sit down together and chat over coffee. To get started or ask a question, get in touch.

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What if I want to learn how to do it myself?

It’s is absolutely possible and I always encourage my clients to research and learn what they can early on as it can save time and money down the line. But publishing a book has a lot of steps – writing, editing, proofreading, book cover design, formatting, pitching or self-publishing.

It’s a lot of skills and while you may be talented in a few of them, it’s always worth hiring experts for the ones you don’t have under your quill. Then you can save your valuable time for writing your next book.

I also provide author coaching sessions where I can guide you towards one goal in your author journey. Or if you are at the very start of your book idea, then get in touch about my Pen to Published Mastermind which provides you with the tools, resources, templates, and accountability to write your book.

I’ve also curated a massive list of the exact apps and resources that will save you time and can help you become published more successfully! I love helping authors define their audience and showing them how to appeal to readers.

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    Find articles with advice for new authors, writing great content, the business of becoming an author and small business tips!
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