Kirsten Rees

As a professional book editor and author coach, I’ve worked with fictional authors on novels, business experts who want to share their expertise, people who use writing as therapy, and those who have an inspiring story to share.

All of my clients have 5-star book reviews, some have hit #1 or bestseller too. I’ve worked with clients ranging from age 19-83 and with those who are tech-savvy to those who handed me a hand-written journal to help them publish.

As a writer, I’ve been through every stage from the first word to after The End so I understand how exciting and overwhelming it can be!

Having edited over 7 million words and helped nearly 50 writers become published authors, as well as being a writer with over a decade of experience myself, I am equipped to empower others to write their story.

Partnering with authors at every stage of their writing career, I’ve learned a lot about each stage of becoming an author. And I’ve been able to use that knowledge to write several books of my own.

In late 2021, I am publishing two novels, and the first two in a five-book nonfiction series including one packed with advice for authors on marketing. Also, my YA fantasy novel has had interest from several publishing agents, so I’ll be updating my blog on how that progresses.

As a freelance book editor and author coach with an international client base, her approach is often hugs, not handshakes in quite the non-stereotypical British fashion. Since publishing her own debut novel in 2013, she has focused solely on client work until last year when she worked on her own fiction and nonfiction books and in 2020 will have 10 books!

In the years since I launched my business, I’ve been nominated for and won several awards:

Writing Coach of the Year 2021

Theo Paphitis #SBS Award Winner 2020

Jacqueline Gold #Wow Award Winner

#Queen of Book Editing Award Winner

Mentor of the Year Award Finalist

Small Business of the Year Nominee

Some of my clients include a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, an 83-year lady who went viral, an English Lord, a young woman who fought depression, self-made millionaires, domestic abuse survivors, several award-winning business owners.

I’ve worked with a talented single mother who took her YA trilogy to #2 bestseller, an advocate and activist who is using his novel to campaign against teen violence, a billion-dollar business owner who has donated the entire profit from his business book to charity, and a small beauty business owner who went on to write children’s books full-time.

I was flown to London to meet with an amazing family to help them co-write a book in honour of their dad who had died from cancer and raise awareness of grief – this one was very close to my heart after going through the same thing.

I’m a writing coach and run writing workshops and retreats throughout the year. In summer 2021, I’m launching the Pen to Published Mastermind for those who want to invest in writing a high-quality business book or self-help guide.

After completing over three-hundred hours of volunteering work, I was invited to be interviewed for The Mentor Summit as part of a panel of people including Cherie Blair and two of the winners of The Apprentice Alana and Tim.

I had a rather colourful career before founding my creative business in 2013. I’d lived, worked, and volunteered in five other countries, and previously added highest-earning executive sales rep, bra fitter, fashion writer, and even a summer as Bugs Bunny to my resume.

Since launching, I have worked with many creative, passionate aspiring authors and entrepreneur-authors who want to write a book and become a published author.

Whether you need professional book editing or coaching on how to write a book, self-publishing and pitching to agents, and book marketing, I can guide you through the steps so you can stop procrastinating and get published.

The written word is one of the most powerful tools we have in life and business; much like the handshake, it needs strength, motivation and real energy to evoke any kind of response. Your words could be the ones that keep someone awake at night, unable to put down their new book, turning page after page, wanting more.

“Someone once told me that what I do is an ‘art form’. Not something I’m ever going to say about myself but it was nice to hear.”

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Whether you want an editor who will work one-on-one with you throughout the entire editing process or you just need someone to take you over the finish line then I can step in and guide you to becoming a published author this year. You will always receive a personal and bespoke service from me. As a published author and professional editor, I understand the excitement and passion in publishing your own book.

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Struggling with one particular part of your author journey? Perhaps, you need some guidance on the steps to take after your written your book – whether to pitch to agents or self-publish. Or maybe you want to learn how to market your upcoming book. My Author Coaching services are perfect whether you are a brand new novelist, a business owner ready to share your expertise, or want to write a self-help book to help others.

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For me, working with an author is a partnership! I’ve worked on fiction and nonfiction across a variety of genres. All my clients have 5-star reviews and some have hit bestseller, been noted in ‘Top Books for…’ listings, and invited to speak at events.

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