Welcome to the team, Erin Rose Kyle

We have a new member on our brilliant team!

Please welcome, Erin Rose Kyle.

Erin Rose Kyle, Glasgow PhotographerErin joined my business as our new photographer and content creator/editor in August and has been working behind the scenes to help with our relaunch and rebrand.

She’s super creative and has a good eye. To get a better understanding of my business and the book industry, she started out researching and writing blog posts. You can read the first one here

So Erin now works part-time with us creating visual content and blog posts and also part-time preparing to launch her own freelance photography business in Glasgow – which we’re super supportive of and very excited about!  I’m mentoring Erin on all the ‘what not to dos’ from the mistakes that held me back during my almost ten years in business. If you’re looking for a local Glasgow photographer with a huge passion for fashion (that was unintentional but hey, it rhymes), then get in touch with Erin on her socials below.

Erin has used her experiences at university and a few visual projects to start building her portfolio and is particularly keen on working with smaller, community-based businesses in Glasgow, particularly with fashion and creativity.

After two months, she’s fully up to speed and we’re on the same page – appropriately so to speak. So now, Erin is taking control of content and imagery. I’m incredibly excited to see what she does based on just a few things I’ve seen already.
She’s also going to be trying her hand at working on taking photos for a book cover for the first time. I’m letting her test the water with one of the covers for my author book series. So you’ll be able to see her name in the book insert in the coming months.

Out first content photoshoot will take place later this month (November 21′) and I can’t wait to show you the photos soon.

You can connect with Erin here:

Instagram (handle is subject to change but will update accordingly)

Erin’s Bio

Our Assistant Editor, Erin Kyle, is a Glasgow-based freelance photographer and designer. A recent graduate of Heriot-Watt University, Erin has been published in publications such as Delicate Rebellion and Egomania Magazine.

Over the past few years, sustainability has been at the forefront of Erin’s work. She has consistently been striving to create less impact when sourcing garments for styling such as borrowing, upcycling and acquiring second-hand items. Erin also sought sustainable printing methods and used recycled paper from the likes of G.F. Smith. Not only does she have consideration for eco-friendly methods within her work, but she also outwith it too. Erin says that climate change is something she thinks about every single day and that she is constantly seeking for companies to also have a similar mindset when it comes to this topic, she is grateful that Kirsten Rees is a company that shares these values and strives to do better when it comes to being more green.

When she’s not busy taking pictures or creating digital artwork, Erin often spends her time cooking, making vegetarian feasts for family and friends. She also turns her hand to various crafts such as sewing, pottery and painting with which she has been decorating her new flat.

Erin hopes that developing her resourcing, writing, photography and design skills at Kirsten Rees Editing will in turn help her build a more significant base for potentially starting her own business next year.

Link to recent publications/portfolio:


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