Eloisa Davis

Book Description

Join Eloisa on a transformative 21-day adventure that harnesses the power of music as therapy. Designed to guide young women on a path of self-belief and empowerment, this novel invites you to choose songs that shape your identity and enhance positive feelings. Discover how to say 'no,' embrace self-love, and arrive at a place of strength and authenticity. Eloisa's journey of six years condensed into three weeks aims to connect directly with the 'Lioness' in each reader, empowering them to own their choices and their lives.


Kirsten as an editor is everything she says she is. I connected with this strong woman when I was searching for an editor for my debut book. I had no idea where to even begin. However when I connected with her over FaceTime, there was something about her positivity and sparkle that I just instantly knew she would be someone special I could work with. With my novel we had deadlines, time pressures but she made everything seem more of a 'sunshine breeze'. Nothing was too much for her. Not only did she believe in my story, supported me and give incredibly advice she was also there for me when times got tough in the build up to publishing my first debut book. A gif or positive quote/picture connected us even more (we realised we were quite similar in many ways!) and she encouraged me to feel Queen-like. Her positive attitude reassured me that the best stories are the ones who struggle a bit to get there. Kirsten not only helped me to 'Roar' she became a person I looked at in awe. A lovely should who has supported my sunshine adventure in ways I never knew possible from an editor. Thank you to the lovely Kirsten for helping to make me a success! Having your name as my editor in my first book is an honour. I would recommend her to the world!

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