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The novel begins the journey of self discovery through honesty, feeling, empathy and uses music as a tool of therapy. Eloisa believes it is who we are tuned into on our music resources that act as support and shape who we are as individuals. She sees music as a form of therapy and a way to freely pick each song purposefully as if it were a thought. She wants the reader to feel good so wants them to pick their songs that ultimately make them feel positive. She uses the idea of the reader as a Lioness where the reader and the author begin the magical adventure together as strong, inspirational and natural. She wants the reader to experience the 21 day journey with her. This is done by the author speaking, feeling, and expressing each moment that happens for her, relating to the reader directly so the lovely young Lioness reader can apply it to her life in the most positive way possible. Every experience is passed onto the Lioness so she can relate it to the people and experiences in her life. The reader will begin the journey seeking some kind of guidance of self-belief and will end the journey at the desired location that is desperately waiting for her at the 'Arrivals' lounge with so much more, a feeling of self love. The author wrote this novel in twenty-one days but actually six years of work and experience without even realising. The author's aim of the adventure is to connect directly with the Lioness so she is able to say 'no' if she does not want to do something. It is the author's intention to help young women to feel strong and brave enough to say no to something if they do not want to do it. Eloisa wants young women to be able to be true to themselves throughout the journey of self discovery so that they can get the absolute most out of it, for themselves. No one else. Every single book is for that unique, inspiring individual seeking self-help.


Kirsten as an editor is everything she says she is. I connected with this strong woman when I was searching for an editor for my debut book. I had no idea where to even begin. However when I connected with her over FaceTime, there was something about her positivity and sparkle that I just instantly knew she would be someone special I could work with. With my novel we had deadlines, time pressures but she made everything seem more of a 'sunshine breeze'. Nothing was too much for her. Not only did she believe in my story, supported me and give incredibly advice she was also there for me when times got tough in the build up to publishing my first debut book. A gif or positive quote/picture connected us even more (we realised we were quite similar in many ways!) and she encouraged me to feel Queen-like. Her positive attitude reassured me that the best stories are the ones who struggle a bit to get there. Kirsten not only helped me to 'Roar' she became a person I looked at in awe. A lovely should who has supported my sunshine adventure in ways I never knew possible from an editor. Thank you to the lovely Kirsten for helping to make me a success! Having your name as my editor in my first book is an honour. I would recommend her to the world!

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