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Stefan Plesoianu

Stefan Plesoianu


As strange and quirky as childhood might have been, there was no way for Stef to guess how crippling his teenage years would turn out to be. Depressed, anxious and socially incapable, he realizes he has to break the old barriers and change his way. For this, he leaves everything behind to study abroad and start anew. Completely abandoning his comfort zone, Stef finds that there is more to life, making up for all the fun and experiences he missed out on. Growing in confidence, he meets Judith and shortly after they are sucked together into an amorous whirlwind. Their bliss doesn’t last long, however, as Stef finds out that a tiny pill, loud techno music in a dark hall, and a lesbian friend could be enough to undo everything.


Google Review: "Quite honestly, my debut would have been a disaster without Kirsten. I was as pleased as anyone else after finishing my first book. Thankfully, I knew nothing of what was to follow, or else I might not have written it. With every round of editing I did, the more I became aware of the book's shortcomings and the more discouraged I got. Right when we were supposed to start working together, she got badly ill (during the pandemic), which postponed the process for a couple of weeks. At this point, I assume the average professional would simply apologize and try to make up for the lost time. What Kirsten did, given that I only paid for basic line editing, was to conduct a full developmental edit! She treated my then extremely rough and clunky novel as if it was the project of her life, I still don't understand how she put so much effort into it. At times it seemed she was more dedicated to the novel than me, which is probably true. Not to mention all the advice she gave me on how to promote it, how she shared her marketing people with me or suggested to create a website - multiple times actually, without me even asking for it. There are so many things to mention, this testimonial could easily turn into a book chapter. Her dedication and communication skills are second to none. In fact, I feel like I'm talking to a sister rather than my editor. Not only that, but she also takes an interest in the authors themselves and not just the book. I'm not planning to pitch my second novel to publishing agents, although Kirsten had nothing to do with this one, she was kind enough to check if my query letter was good. It wasn't, so she offered to help me rewrite it. Kirsten was so kind and helpful to me, it actually made me feel bad... which is a good thing. As I said, I'm running out of ways to thank you Kirsten. I hope this testimonial does you at least a little bit of justice."

Coming of Age, Editor for Fiction, NA, Romania, Teen, University, YA