Ellison Clark – With You

Ellison Clark

Ellison Clark (US)


With You


Sun, friendship, romance and three little words… Jhett leans on her three best friends for just about everything. The four are practically inseparable as they navigate life in their early twenties. But Jhett’s current relationship is fast-moving and she’s been spending all of her time with her boyfriend...who’s ready to put a ring on her finger. Thanks to a much needed girls’ weekend away at a luxurious lakefront hotel, the girls finally get to spend some quality time together. Their minds are set on sun, sea, sand and...mimosas. But it’s not long before the foursome run into some very charming young men, and Jhett finds herself drawn to handsome, sexy Roo. When the weekend comes to an end, and reality brings them back to their normal lives, Jhett starts to question her relationship with the boyfriend who’s eagerly awaiting her return. Will she return to her head-over-heels-in-love boyfriend with a moving truck and agree to be his fiancée? Or will this weekend leave her with more questions than answers? As for Jhett’s friends, they have their own struggles. Clarissa is excited to make a change in her life. She finally takes the leap to apply to her dream college across the country, but her father has always held the power in her decision-making process. Will he dictate her choice or does someone else make that call for her? Kia is a bold and blunt health nut who’s always trying to get her friends and family to eat healthier or join in a fun, new workout. But is it all just a distraction from her relationship with her boyfriend? Danielle is the girl who will always have your back, but after years of dating her boyfriend she feels the relationship is heading off track and she’s not feeling the mutual love. Will Danielle find inspiration from her friends to make a change? Follow the girls as they grow and mature through the difficult things that come their way.



Adult, Editor for Romance, Holiday Novel, NA, Romance, Summer Romance, US