Shelly Mack – Mr Sniffles


Shelly Mack (UK)


Mr. Sniffles: Teaching Hygiene and Cleanliness in a fun way. (Germ awareness for children.)


Mr. Sniffles: A fun story that teaches children the various ways germs can be caught and transferred to different people and surfaces. Mr. Sniffles tells the story about a germ who lives an exciting life, attaching himself on to anyone or anything that crosses his path. His only fear is soap and water. Over time, Mr. Sniffles becomes a lonely germ who’s looking for a place in this world. Mr. Sniffles is a brave explorer who travels the world, jumping from furniture to people to roller coasters to all kinds of unimaginable places. Every day is new and exciting, even if he does have to play by himself. One day, he hopes to meet others just like him! Will Mr. Sniffles find where he belongs? Written in a way that appeals to young children, Mr. Sniffles is delightful for them to read, listen to, and learn from. It is so important to teach cleanliness and hygiene to young children. With bright and beautiful illustrations, this story comes to life and can be enjoyed by children, ages two to seven. Bright and bold illustrations follow this lovely story, making it a delightful and helpful way to introduce the topic of germs and cleanliness to small children in a way they will understand. Thirty stunning illustrations alongside bold text. "Reading from youth will keep you right and will allow a future that is happy and bright." "Reading is magical and helps you grow. Reading has taught me all that I know!" "These stories were written for my special two. Now I want to share them with all of you." - Shelly Mack Suitable for age group 2 -7 More books coming soon in 2021 ...



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