I.S. Thorne – The Programme


I.S. Thorne


The Resistance


1. The Programme: Alexis Valentine is a normal teenager with a normal life. Until now…Now, normal no longer exists.On turning sixteen, she learns of the plan to save a world decimated by a virulent strain of influenza – a plan that will save humanity but destroy its very essence. Embarking on her predetermined path, living an existence without choice or control, her life is no longer her own. It belongs to The Programme.Compliance is mandatory. Like it or not, she has to do her duty. They all do. Entering The Programme is just the beginning. And what do you do when everything starts to go wrong? 2. The Restistance: After escaping the nightmares of The Programme, Alex and Cooper try to settle into life inThe Resistance. But old wounds run deep and Alex knows that Director Phillips will stop at nothing in his pursuit of revenge.With the arrival of familiar faces, Alex learns of the fallout of their escape. As The Resistance hear more of Alex and Cooper’s time in The Programme, the repercussions erode the foundations of the very place providing them sanctuary.But are new friends all that they seem?Upon learning of places even worse than The Village, Alex and Cooper put their safety into question to rescue those they love.Deep in the forest, within Facility Two, the true horrors of The Programme begin to emerge.Are they ready for a truth worse than anything they ever thought possible?


Coming of Age, LGBTQ, NA, Teen, Thriller, UK, YA