Rebecca Pay


How to Get the Kick-ass Career You Deserve

Book Description

Playing it safe, settling for humdrum, boring or feeling stuck with the career you have spent years in can suffocate your life. You only get one shot, and this book is full of empowering and practical advice on how to choose what you want to do then go out there and get it! With a mix of conventional and unconventional (it does contain swearing!) advice from the author who is not just an experienced kick-ass CV writer but a catalyst for change in her clients’ lives there is detailed CV writing help, LinkedIn advice and mindset guidance. Whether you need to decide on that dream job or have one in mind but don’t know where to start, this book will set you up to succeed. You aren’t stuck or trapped, this book is the light that can guide you into your future, the future you REALLY want.



Careers, Changing Careers, Promotion Advice, Resume Support, Self-Help