First-time author or feel you could be doing better with your self-publishing?

If you are about to set up your KDP account or it’s already set up but you’re not feeling confident about it then I can help. We will jump on a 60min call (audio or video via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime) and go through each section. We can discuss your subtitle, keywords, categories, etc. I can also answer your questions and share insider secrets so you can work on getting better results.

Or if you’re struggling to write your book blurb for your self-published book on Amazon then we can take a look at it together. I’ll critique your blurb and make sure you are effectively using up the full word count, including stronger keywords, and help you make it more effective.

If you want a step-by-step walkthrough and a blurb review together then there is a package option. I will show you how to fill in the details to set up for your book and answer your questions. Then follow up with a full critique of your book blurb with editing recommendations and proofreading.

How to set up Amazon KDP for authors

I love helping aspiring authors. There isn’t much I don’t know about self-publishing. In fact, I’ve been interviewed for a possible upcoming documentary about it (watch this space). So you can ask me questions and pick my brain.

I’ve been editing for over a decade and have been a writer for nearly two decades. My first self-published book went live in 2014 – I made every single mistake you can possibly make and have spent the years since then learning how to do it right! That novel has since been pulled and is currently being professionally edited and proofread, a stunning new book cover created for it, and it’ll be published again (properly) this summer along with a brand new novel.

I’ve edited over 12million words and helped dozens of writers become published authors. Some of my clients have hit bestseller, many have ranked #1 in multiple categories, a few have 100+ five star reviews. Rankings go up and down just like the music charts so it takes marketing to keep you ranking well. But starting off in the high numbers gives you a great jumping-off point. I can show you how …

Expert help on how to write an effective book blurb for your Amazon KDP account.

Blurb Critique

Expert help on how to set up your self-published book on an Amazon KDP account
Expert help on how to write an effective book blurb and set up your self-published book on an Amazon KDP account.

Once you’ve made your payment below then I’ll be in touch to get the details I need to help you.

For blurb critiques, I’ll need a copy of what you’ve written so far, your book synopsis, and any keywords or details you can share.
For the KDP walkthrough, I work with an international clientele so there are morning, afternoon, and evening sessions available mid-week and on weekends.