Our Team Mascot, Opie Son of Anarchy


Opie, our team mascot

Opie is a rescue and our family have had him for a year now – his Gotcha Day is October 23rd. If you haven’t heard about Gotcha Day, Google it (make sure you have tissues!)

Every office deserves a mascot! It’s not always practical and not every (insert pet) is well behaved enough to sit quietly while we work. But there are ways to include your pet, even if it’s not.

It can be fun to have a mascot of some kind, look at what a success the meercats were for a certain insurance website.

• Create an illustration mascot. I found a brilliant illustrator to create caricatures of myself and for my branding. It was fun getting to see myself as a cartoon and choosing outfits and colours.

• Use a teddy or some kind of toy – preferably an unbranded one! Someone I know has a travel blog and she takes her little teddy on her travels. He’s become quite popular!

• Bring your pet to work on special occasions. If it’s practical and your pet is happy then take them with you. So many offices are pet-friendly nowadays. Especially since the pandemic changes the rules and people are starting to get out more again. Most of them will even put out a bowl of water and offer doggy treats! And if you don’t have an office, there are lots of coffee shops and venues who allow dogs in nowadays so you could go for a long, inspiring walk followed by a coffee and writing session. Including those 30-60 mins a couple of times a week will add up over time and you could get your first draft written, even with a busy schedule.


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Opie’s Bio

Opie was rehomed and joined our family in November 2020 which means as I write this post, we’ve just celebrated his Gotcha Day. If you don’t know what that is, Google it – make sure you have hours of time to read the stories and tissues because … happy dogs after sad stories! He just turned six years old in 2021 and we celebrated with a pup cone (vanilla ice cream while he loves). He will be starring over on our Instagram once it’s up and running properly again as of December 2021!



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