James Hawes – The Secret Lives of Men


James Hawes (UK)


The Secret Lives of Men: Ten keys to unlock the mystery


This book takes the reader into the inner world of men. Within the three parts of the book the reader will discover the complexity of relationships, the history of men and finally the ten keys that will unlock the secrets to men. Essentially this book will help women to understand what is going on inside his head and how he manages difficult emotions. Men will discover what other men think and realise that they are not alone. The core of the book is about how men can learn emotional fitness. Most of us know how to keep physically fit, but few of us know how to keep emotionally fit. We are emotionally fit when we can feel and express the right feeling in the right way and at the right time. This book will introduce you to well over 50 tips to become more emotionally fit. From the back Cover This book will change the way you understand yourself, men and relationshipsMen from all walks of life are entering therapy including professional footballers, cage fighters, nightclub owners, politicians, builders, CEOs, army veterans, doctors, teachers, mechanics and religious ministers. A Toolbox for Men which includes: •Over 50 practical tips to build emotional muscles •Information about what other men think and feel •Tips on improving your relationships A Guidebook for Women which includes: •Learning what he is thinking and feeling •Discovering the relational traps that many couples fall into •How he manages difficult emotions Many men live emotional secret lives Men are often forced to lead and live secret lives leaving many stuck in their heads. They carry a secret world of inner feelings which often contains hurt, sadness, fear and shame. When these men have the courage to enter therapy, many take the risk of sharing these secrets out loud for the first time. If these secrets are handled with care and a non-judgmental attitude by the therapist these men can move from a crippling life of silence, secrets and emotional isolation to emotional and relational fitness. Some men are left feeling confused when their partners struggle to accept their vulnerability and they may hear the negative refrains of, ‘Man-up’ or ‘Grow a pair’. For men to move from their secret selves to being more emotionally open then societal expectations will need to be challenged and changed. Men and women will need to agree to allow the other to break out of their stereotypical straitjackets and emotional restrictions that have been accepted and enforced by society. James Hawes is a Psychotherapist, Speaker, Trainer and Author. He is an advocate of positive change and on a lifelong mission to impart men with the tools they need to cultivate a wide spectrum of emotional expression becoming emotionally fit as a result. Over two decades, James has gained extensive experience in his field, helping hundreds of men and boys along the way.


"Kirsten was amazing to work with. Being a first time author, Kirsten clearly outlined the process of editing and proofreading my book. She worked tirelessly on my book, making the book such a better read. Kirsten provided a huge batch of advice and material on how to make my book a success from the launch, promotion and selling the book. Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge and expereince which she generously shares. I'm looking forward to working with Kirsten again on my next project later in the year!"

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