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The Retiree's Guide to Housing Wealth: 5 Ways the New Reverse Mortgage Is Changing Retirement


Savvy retirees are realizing that to thrive in the area of retirement finances, a clear understanding of all their options is required, and preparation is key for formulating the best strategy. By reading this book, you will be taking a big step towards equipping yourself with the knowledge you deserve in order to achieve the retirement you desire. As you already know, retirement is longer and more unpredictable than ever before, and every viable resource is needed to meet financial goals and sleep peacefully at night. One such resource is the newly restructured reverse mortgage. Historically, retirees have dismissed the reverse mortgage or relegated it to use as a last resort. However, following recent program restructuring, a growing number of retirees with significant savings are incorporating reverse mortgages into their retirement plans. In this book, I'll break down how the reverse mortgage has changed and why it can play a key role in retirement. We will explore real-life case studies and practical ways to incorporate it-all in easy to understand, straightforward language. I'll highlight the many ways reverse mortgages can help: Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments Increase Cash Flow and Preserve Savings Reduce the Most Common Risks to Retirement Ensure Access to a Reserve Pool of Money Add New Dollars to Retirement Savings Protect Against Inflation, Declining Property Values, and Unexpected Expenses Manage Tax Brackets and Bridge Monthly Income Gaps Plus Many More Benefits! The reverse mortgage may not be the best strategy for you, but I believe every retiree deserves to have a basic knowledge of how it works, in order to decide for yourself if one is right for you, or simply to factor it out of your retirement equation. By the end of the book, you'll have a clearer understanding of your options and will be prepared to have open conversations with your adult children and loved ones, knowing all the facts. You'll be equipped with up-to-date information that enables you to make informed decisions for your financial future and security. Written by Don Graves, RICP(R), CLTC(R), CSA, a skilled reverse mortgage specialist with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Don Graves, RICP(R), CLTC(R), CSA is president of the Housing Wealth Institute, best-selling author and adjunct instructor at the American College of Financial Services. He is one of the nation's leading educators on incorporating housing wealth into retirement income planning. Don has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, featured on PBS, and is a sought-after professional speaker whose workshops are helping retirees determine if the reverse mortgage is right for them.

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