Gordon Burcham – The Business of Martial Arts


Gordon Burcham (UK)


The Business of Martial Arts: Master your business, master your life


Be honest, are you running your dojo like a business person? Or are you just holding the keys to the building and nearly everything else feels out of your control? Martial Arts triple-world-title holder and entrepreneur Gordon Burcham is finally sharing his insider secrets that led his MA school to become one of the leading dojos in the UK. Combining his personal MA journey and business acumen, he is pulling no punches in this straightforward guide. The Business of Martial Arts is second-to-none and lays out the exact methods he used to achieve his incredible success. As he nears a quarter of a century experience, Gordon s candid advice is respected by many in the industry. His journey from struggle to success on the mats and in business makes him the ideal expert to guide you. With over twenty years in the industry, he has learned to overcome the same problems that beset so many others in the Martial Arts industry. The first of its kind, this bible for MA businesses will help you forge a whole new approach to running your school. It s a detailed guide designed for MA school owners and aspiring owners, for anyone struggling or looking to uplevel their business. This book shares powerful principles to help you get the success you want. For the first time, Burcham is sharing his techniques and proven strategies for running a successful dojo. Learn how to make the right decisions, take action and get stuff done! So download it now, read it cover to cover and in his words Take action today to see results tomorrow!

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