Success Mindset

Mindset nonfiction book professionally edited by freelance editor, Kirsten Rees

Paula Knecht


Success Mindset


HAVE YOU REACHED YOUR SUCCESS MILESTONE BUT STILL FEEL SOMETHING IS MISSING? In my journey as professional coach, I have met many people who aspired and eventually got to live the ‘success-like’ common life. They have a stable job, financial stability, a nice house, a loving family to look after. They seem to have reached the collective definition of success. Nevertheless, they come to me for counselling, claiming that they feel stuck; their success feels empty. In this book, I will share with you these eleven pillars to untap the higher Self that habits within you, and which longs to have an extraordinary life, the life you were born to live. You will learn to: Discover your vision Untap your intuition Learn unique techniques for self-discovery Understand what differentiates the ordinary men vs the extraordinary men Learn to build a strong resilience and discipline Overcome the fear of failure Develop a self-image that will allow you to reach all you want in life Learn the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and how to benefit from being part of the whole DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER. LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY. LEAVE BEHIND THE COMMONALITY AND JOIN THE ADVENTUROUS AND EXCITING JOURNEY OF REAL SUCCESS!


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