Chasing August by Lina Wesson and edited by Kirsten Rees

Lina Wesson (Sweden)


Chasing August

Book Description

Fate throws Caroline and Adam together on a flight to Greece, turning enemies into reluctant travel companions under the Mediterranean sun. Amidst the backdrop of a sizzling summer, they explore the fine line between love and hate. As secrets unfold and past grievances are challenged, will this unexpected journey allow love to last beyond the fleeting days of August, or are some distances too great to bridge? A story of rediscovery, resilience, and the possibility of forever in the least likely of places.


Publishing your first novel is scary. But when you do it with Kirsten? Less so. She was just the person I needed to take this novel all the way from a draft to a published book. With her touch the content is now the best it can be, with my voice still very much there. 110% recommend!

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Adult, Editor for Fiction, Holiday Romance Book, NA, Romance, US