Lina Wesson – Chasing August

Lina Wesson

Lina Wesson (Sweden)


Chasing August


“I’m sorry,” he says. “But nothing would make me happier than you being mine.” “Why would you be sorry about that?” “Because you’re not ready yet.” “Maybe not,” she replies, pulling her fingers through his hair. “But you make me want to be.” The first time Emma meets Noel is at a midsummer night bonfire in Stockholm. She’s wrapped in his denim jacket, busy falling for someone else. But as summer comes to an end, she learns that her budding relationship was nothing more than a fling, and so she vows to swear off love. But when the boy in the denim jacket re-enters her life, he is determined to change her mind.


Publishing your first novel is scary. But when you do it with Kirsten? Less so. She was just the person I needed to take this novel all the way from a draft to a published book. With her touch the content is now the best it can be, with my voice still very much there. 110% recommend!

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