Mary V. MacCauley – FREE To Be Me

Historical Novel Edited by Book Editor, Kirsten Rees

Mary V. Macauley (US)




FREE To Be Me is a multi-faceted international novel that begins in Britain and ends in America, spanning two centuries. The central location of this novel is a centuries-old, wealth-producing plantation in the state of Georgia. Life changes significantly for each character but troubles often follow when you escape. FREE To Be Me follows the love, loss, and journeys taken for want for a better life of multiple people spanning two continents over two hundred years. Combining three books in one which begins in the United Kingdom then follows a young man’s journey to America. The central theme of this novel is a century’s old, wealth-producing plantation and those who come to live there or flee from it. Music plays throughout this book in a way that seems to note many of these stories together just as well as the connections between the characters. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: At 83 years young at the time of publication, Mary - who has always been a trailblazer, having been one of two women who started the very first domestic violence shelter in California, back in the late seventies - now has truly proven that AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER! Her first novel Pushing Forty depicts the lives of women of color in the UK. Her incredible, deep, soulful writing has been compared to authors such as the renowned Dr. Maya Angelou. Joyce King, Ph.D., Board President at Georgia State University after reading the first five pages described it in just two words . . . “Toni Morrison!”



Author at 83, Black Author, Fiction Novel, Historical Drama, Slavery, US Author