You Are (Not) a Fraud: A Scientist's Guide to the Imposter Phenomenon by Dr Marc Reid and edited by Kirsten Rees


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YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Those people to whom you compare yourself are every bit as superior as you believe them to be. They belong there. They know more than you. Your achievements don't count. And you're just not that clever. Why bother? Give up. Go home...before you get found out. Sound familiar? This is how you speak to yourself if you think you're going to be found out and thrown out of your workplace. This is how you speak to yourself when you think you're a phoney...but all of the evidence says otherwise. This is how you speak to yourself when you're suffering from the Imposter Phenomenon.

My own thoughts of the Imposter Phenomenon almost made me quit before I got started. I almost gave up on my career before there ever was one. I almost gave up on myself. In You Are (Not) a Fraud, I invite you to come with me as I share some of the hidden data behind the Imposter Phenomenon. Come with me as I tell you the stories that can help you understand that it's NOT the Imposter 'Syndrome'! We can all understand what true imposters are. We can all understand how to be mindful of useless comparisons we make between ourselves and other people. We can all understand how the Imposter Phenomenon might always be there...but it should never stop you doing exactly what you want to do.


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