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Women in Leadership by Diana Osagie and edited by Kirsten Rees

Diana Osagie


Women in Leadership: One hour to fix the five mistakes you are making


Classic mistakes that women make in leadership every day and 5 golden nuggets offering honest insight, reassurance, and guidance. I share my mistakes, mishaps, and triumphs of senior leadership in a tough urban setting, and include wise words from other inspiring women who are just like you.

Every morning we wake up and spend our days making decisions: little things like the things we buy or the meals we eat; important things like whether to exercise that day or not. And then there are the huge decisions, the life-changing ones. How you choose to spend your time and present yourself in the world can mean the difference between the life you have and the life want. We are all susceptible to influences and that can lead us to make bad decisions. But by knowing how to present yourself, when to speak up, and what impact you can have, you can make better choices and have more influence. This book is an often humorous look at ourselves and the five classic mistakes that women make in the workplace – how to fix them.

Do you want to improve your leadership skills and learn how to while still staying true to who you are? The Academy of Women’s Leadership founder, Diana Osagie has helped transformed the way women go out into the world. This book offers some of the latest insights for existing members and newcomers alike.



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