Sharon Keathley – Colors of Deceit

Sharon Keathley

Sharon Keathley (US)


Colors of Deceit


If your thoughts could be seen, what colors would you be thinking? Olivia knows! Four people are murdered and another thirty injured by a masked gunman in an eight-second shooting spree. One of the gunshot victims dies during what should have been a life-saving yet routine surgery. It could just be a coincidence, right? Detective Olivia Samuels and the Emergency Rescue Unit (ERU) don’t believe in coincidences. As clues are unraveled and more confusion arises, the detective is certain the fifth victim was not random. But Olivia’s special neurological senses are strained and seemingly overpower her at times. As the team sets a fast-paced investigation to narrow down the suspects, find the shooter, and save the launch of a lifesaving drug, her senses are being bombarded and over-stimulated. Amidst the chaos of trying to sort out all of the facts, Olivia encounters Dr. Kraig Richardson. The instant connection she feels with him is exhilarating. Only, it seems he is also her number one suspect in the case. Just how far will the ones responsible go to keep the truth from Olivia and her team? COLORS OF DECEIT is the first book in a new series of murder mysteries by talented new writer of crime dramas, Sharon Keathley. The sequel is now published so check out her website and social media for updates coming soon. Keathley is a native Arkansan; she lives in the beautiful Ozark Mountains with a breath-taking lake view - perfect for writing! She is a fiction writer working on expanding the Olivia Samuels crime drama series and mastering the technological aspects of publishing along the way. As a nursepreneur, (yes, she totally made that word up!) and the owner of a medical consulting company, Sharon brings her extensive medical experiences and knowledge into the very essence of the plots and souls of the characters, creating true to life drama and suspense. Sharon loves water views, empowering women, time with her family, and is constantly reaching out to learn new things.



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