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Beyond My Birth: An Empowering & Self-Healing Story and Guide: Healing from a lifetime of feeling like you are


There are moments in all of our lives when we wonder what it might be like to have lived someone else's life. If we'd have it easier and be happier. The truth is we all have the power within ourselves to change the life we have. Adopted as a young girl, I knew I was different from the moment I was old enough to toddle up to a mirror. Mixed race and taller than all the other kids, I experienced bullying, hate, and racism from my first day at school. As I grew up, those inner-demons grew with me, whispering their own cruel taunts and leaving no escape from my lack of self-esteem. Becoming a mother for the third time awakened the Kundalini within me and I discovered my self-worth and strength. Launching my own palm reading business has allowed me to use this gift to help others. This inspirational story will show you the journey it takes to go from feeling broken to finding your strength. If you have ever felt alone or in pain, this book will resonate with you. You may see yourself in some of her experiences and find her uplifting story of self-healing and growth a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to change our lives and those around us for the better. The book is written as a part-memoir, part guide to show you there is love and light when you know how to look for it. This book has been six years in the making, hand-written as a journal and later transcribed into the book you see now. It reveals the struggles and suffering of author, Madre Palmistry as she fought through personal struggles and developed her career as a spiritualist and tarot card reader, working with everyday people, worldwide clients, and celebrities. Madre Palmistry is a spiritually gifted palm reader from Glasgow who can see hidden talents and future predictions all from the palm of your hand. With a deep rooted understanding of astrology, healing and dream reading too, she shares her story to empower people.



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