Anita Yombo – Between John & A Hard Place: 2022


Anita Yombo


Between John and a Hard Place

Book Description

After her town in the Eastern Congo is ravaged by rebels, Grace escapes in the hope to find her family on the other side. She runs for several days until she finds John, a man who takes her in and helps her recover from her wounds. John promises to help her find her family no matter what. She has doubts about his intentions, but desperation and fear leave her no choice but to follow him.

She ends up in the US with him and realizes that the man who was supposed to help her, becomes her captor. She finds herself in an unthinkable circumstance and struggles to survive under John’s captivity and sexual abuse. The woman next door, too curious for her own good, tries to get to know Grace and over time, she convinces her to open the door. Is it the beginning of a new friendship? Can she trust this woman? Grace shares her own poignant and sometimes bluntly hilarious observations about John and the contrasting cultures of her old and new homes steeped in contradictions and old customs.

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Coming of Age, Congo to America, Fiction, Inspired by True Life Stories, Kidnapping, Sex-Trafficking, Triumph over Tragedy