How To Write Your Author Bio

Writers can be notoriously bad at writing about themselves! Ask us to write a 1,000-word blog post or a 50,000-word book – no problem but sat in front of a blank section for ‘author bio’ and suddenly we freeze. Writers’ block sets in and the struggle is real.

It’s often easier to write about a character or share business advice in a book than it is to write a few short paragraphs describing yourself. This is often because it’s quite difficult to strike that perfect balance between being proud of your achievements and not sounding arrogant.

I was a copywriter for nearly a decade and so I’ve worked on hundreds of bios and about us pages and learned a few things over the years. Most significantly is that it’s not permanent and can be edited so don’t worry about just getting it done – you can always change it later.

The truth is the about me page it isn’t really about you! This is particularly the case if you are a business writer and your non-fiction book is sharing wisdom and advice. Your ‘about me’ should detail why you are qualified to write your book and more importantly what difference you can make to the person about to buy or read your book. It’s about them, what they can learn from you, what they will remember after reading your book, what techniques they can use long after finishing the book that will have a positive impact on their life/career.

  • Use your phone and record yourself talking about your book/business with passion, a little bit of a sales pitch. Then listen back and transcribe that into written text.
  • Crowd-source feedback and critique from other authors, readers, friends and family. Post your bio and about me in various FB writing groups and see what people think.
  • Use your business/author brand to help you with your content. Consider who your audience is and write for them.

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