How to tell negativity to shove it (and write your book!)

As a child they told you could be anything. A pop star, a ballerina, an actor, whatever you dreamed about in your fairy takes while you slept. It was all within your grasp, anything was possible.

Then you get to high school and suddenly it’s as if you don’t conform, you will never get good grades, if you do not study you will not pass those important exams, if you can’t fit in with everyone else, well you won’t be liked and, of course, if you don’t get in to great university, you just won’t get a good job. If, if, if.

Yet, I know so many people who ‘failed’ at all of these things and have gone to be fantastic people with a successful career and are very well liked. You don’t need to be the exception to every rule but are you as excited as me to find out if you can?

Screw the ifs and the buts! You are not your ‘labels’. We are more…

Everyone is something, look around you. Even the ones who are seen as perfect have flaws. Likewise, everyone has an opinion and they are always going to be good ones. So choose wisely who you keep company with.

I co-work with a brilliant group of fellow business owners once a week which gives me a chance to write, brainstorm, vent, and pitch ideas for feedback. If you don’t have space to do this, you’re probably going to find yourself talking excitedly about your book or your business ideas to anyone in your vicinity and you may start to see their eyes glaze over! Find a local group of likeminded people and meet up to share ideas and keep each other accountable.

Negativity from others is like background static, so switch your radio to your favourite tune!

When I came home from my gap year in 2012, I had decided I wanted to write for a living. The Job Centre said there weren’t any jobs for what I wanted to do and tried to push me into sales/call centre work. So, I went out and created my own job!

There are around 7 billion people in this world, even if you cut out those too young to buy, the ones with no access to any forum you can advertise on, and those with no spare cash, then there is still a vast number of people with spending money and the potential to buy from you.

Statistically speaking even if you happen to be the worst sales person in the world, there would still be someone willing to buy from you, it will just a be much shorter line at the till!

If selling isn’t really your thing then hire someone who can or find a sales course and learn. There are loads of good sales books (couple of my clients have written them!) and there are also people teaching on YouTube and Udemy. Or if it’s other areas in your author business that you’re struggling with such as admin, social media, accounts, HR, cleaning, literally any area that you hate doing is something that is going to eat into your productivity, creativity, and you are going to procrastinate and probably spend twice as long doing. So, consider outsourcing it and save your time for working on things you enjoy and writing.

Think of it this way, you could pay someone £10 an hour while you focus on the things you are great at and can earn a living doing. Spend that time building a great turnover with a profit high enough to cover the expense of paying someone and still make a profit.

Having a sales background, I’m a huge advocate of learning about your products inside out – whether you are solely selling books, or have a merchandise line, or upsell services through your business. Creating a no holds barred sales pitch which can answer any question and withstand most of the darts thrown its way. Let’s be honest even the best sales people get stumped occasionally.

It’s also worth remembering that even if 99% of the entire population never read or even hear of your book or if they all read and hated it, then there are STILL approximately 7million people left who might love it. And if you sold SEVEN million books, well I know I’d be ecstatic and probably a bestseller too!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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