21 Day Author Challenges – Self-Help Book

Have you got an idea for a novel you’d love to write and get published? They say it takes twenty-one days to build a habit so let’s make yours a writing habit! These three 21-day author challenges will give you advice, support, and actions to take! Begin, finish, and market your business guide with these three easy-to-do courses.

Start each day with an early morning accountability email as well as a few videos with take action challenges! Each day, we will also focus on tips and techniques which will help you in becoming a published author. You can do the tasks on the day, set aside time each week, or even work on them at your pace after the challenge finishes. Each task is designed to be quick and effective. You’ll be learning the skills and success strategies to get your book written and out in the world!

We will focus on tips and techniques which will help you in becoming a published author. Whether you’ve yet to write your first word or you’ve already written a book and want to write the next one more efficiently, these challenges are ideal. Through the three author workshops, you’ll be learning the skills and success strategies to get your book started, finished, and marketed successfully.

Do you know you have a book in you but haven’t started or been able to finish it?

This is the journey for you. The challenges take place during the last three weeks of the month, usually beginning on the 10th/11th. By following these challenges and taking action, you will learn the best strategies and methods to help you carve out time to write, commit to finishing your book, and publish and market it.

Join me for twenty-one days of positivity and action!

Get Results From Anywhere! Come and be a part of this powerful 3-step writing programme!

You’ll learn how to find time in your existing schedule, overcome writers’ block, boost your confidence, write well, and the next steps to take to become a published author. Over the course of the 21-days you will learn:

1. How to make time for your author goals
2. Purpose in your story
3. Productivity
4. Author tools & resources
5. Confidence in your creativity
6. Overcoming writers’ block
7. The next steps in becoming an author!

PLUS you’ll be held accountable by the challenges and by the end of the twenty-one days you should be feeling more confident and have taken action! And it’s currently only £79 (normally £99!!!) And you can also opt to upgrade and include a personalised one-to-one coaching session to get feedback on your writing. Just scroll down and select the option for you to get started.

The best part is, you can be ANYWHERE in the world as it’s all done through emails. The challenges run every month for the last three weeks of the month so usually begin on the 10th/11th. So, if you’ve got a great business book idea and need a confidence boost and expert guidance to get your book started, finished, or marketed then one of the options below is ideal. Just click the Buy Now button to pay securely via Paypal.

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